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How to Look Up CEEB Codes

What is a CEEB code?

The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code is a unique identifier that helps students send colleges they are applying to the right information, such as SAT® scores, transcriptions, and applications. These codes are used to identify different institutions in the college application process—including colleges, universities, and scholarship programs, as well as individual high schools.


Is a CEEB code the same as a College Board code or SAT code?

Yes, some people do refer to the CEEB code as the College Board code or SAT code.


When do you need to find your school’s CEEB code?

Usually, the first time you need to find your CEEB code is when you’re taking the SAT on a school day (or registering for an SAT Weekend date) and want to ensure that your scores are sent to the right colleges and scholarship programs.


How do I find my CEEB code?

The CEEB code for your high school is often provided to you by your school or in the online registration process. If you need to find your CEEB code though, start by using the K–12 School Code Search.

When looking for the CEEB Code for a K–12 school, you’ll need the name of the school and state or zip code to fill out the search form. If you want to verify that you have the correct K–12 school code, you can search using the code to ensure you have the correct school. The codes for K–12 schools are always 6-digit numbers.


What is the CEEB code if I’m homeschooled?

The high school code for all homeschoolers is 970000.

To start your search, visit our K–12 School Code Search page.


What are Score Reporting Codes?

When you take the SAT, you can send your scores for free to up to four places—these can be colleges, universities, or scholarship programs. The CEEB Codes for these institutions are 4-digit codes. They can all be found in this code list. You can also send your scores online using your College Board account. The code search is built into the score sending tool.


What are other codes I might need?

In your college journey, you may come across times when you’ll need other codes. These other codes include 5-digit codes assigned to test centers if you’re registering online for an SAT Weekend date (search here) and College Major Codes if you’re answering the optional questionnaire.