SAT Suite

How Much Does the SAT Cost?

The SAT® is a globally recognized college admission test that millions of students take each year as a step on their path to college and career. There’s usually a fee when students take the test on a weekend.

Here’s a detailed look at how much the SAT costs.


SAT Fees

The current SAT test base price of $60 includes the two main sections: Math and Reading and Writing.

Other SAT fees come into play if you sign up during the late registration period, sign up by phone, or change an existing registration. Regional fees apply to students taking the SAT outside of the United States.

Every SAT registration includes free score reports to four schools if sent within nine days of the test. There are fees for additional score reports, sending them after nine days, or opting in for further services such as rush ordering or score verification.  


Are Fee Waivers Available?

College Board supports access for all students and offers a fee waiver program to eligible students. Our program waives fees for tests and some additional services.


How Do I Get a Fee Waiver?

Learn about getting a fee waiver.

Your eligibility for an SAT fee waiver can be determined by a few factors, including your household size and income, and whether you’re in foster care or qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program at your school.

Talk to your school counselor if you have questions.


What Does a Fee Waiver Cover?

SAT fee waivers cover some costs in full and reduce others. Learn more about fee waiver benefits.

The SAT fee waiver doesn’t cover change fees (if you take a different test or change your test date), register-by-phone charges, rushed score reports, or receiving scores by phone.


With the above information, you should be able to better plan and prepare for taking the SAT. Register now