SAT Suite

How to Use the Score Matching Tool

Many students took the SAT®, PSAT™ 8/9, PSAT™ 10 or the PSAT/NMSQT during the 2022-23 school year.  For some students, they cannot find their scores on the Student Score Reports website.

In this post, we show students how to use the Score Matching Tool to view their scores.


Step 1: You will need a College Board Account to see your scores. Once you have logged into your College Board Account go to the Matching Tool. Check out this blog post on the benefits of creating a College Board Account.

Step 2: Review your College Board account information to make sure it is correct. If any of your information needs to be edited, click the “Update My Info” button. Below is a screenshot of the information you will review.


Screenshot of matching tool

Step 3: Once you have edited and verified your account information, you will click the button Get My Scores. From here, you will provide information to help match your scores to your account using one of two options.


  1. Supply Test Information: With this option, you will select which test you want to match. Next you will Select a Test Year if you choose a PSAT-related assessment or Select a Test Date if you choose SAT or SAT School Day in the previous step. The last step is to provide a PSAT-Related Access Code if you are matching the scores for a PSAT related assessment or provide a SAT Registration Number if you choose SAT or SAT School Day.
  2. Supply Student Id: With this option you enter your student ID into the text field. 


For students who are unsure of what their access code or student ID are for PSAT-related assessments, please check with your school counselor.


If you have issues with the Matching Tool, please contact Customer Service at SAT Support or [email protected].