College Planning

How Your Social Media Accounts Affect Getting into College

The impression that you make on a college admission officer may involve more than just an essay, a transcript, and some test scores. According to new data, colleges and universities do pay attention to what prospective students post on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In addition, potential employers for internships or permanent positions may also review your public social sites.


How to Use Your Social Media Accounts When Applying to College


Your social media profiles shed light on your personality as well as your interests and passions.

Many students use their social media profiles to show college admissions offices their personality while applying. These students use their social media profiles to:


  • Show off their creativity and technical abilities.
  • Give a more in-depth look into special projects or volunteer work.
  • Demonstrate their interest in a particular major, college, or career.


Tips to Keep Your Accounts Up to Date


  • Make sure your profile information up to date.
  • Consider providing a link to your social media sites in your college application materials (provided the college allows/encourages this).
  • Invest the time to maintain quality in your postings, blogs, and videos.
  • Showcase your leadership, awards, or expertise in a meaningful manner.



What to Watch Out For  in Your Social Media Accounts


  • Review your email address to ensure it doesn’t include rude or inappropriate language or references.
  • Carefully consider your tweets and other comments, particularly any negative references about prospective colleges, your teachers, or your peers.
  • Monitor what photos you choose to post. Don’t include those that may depict alcohol and certain party and peer activities that would reflect poorly on your judgment or character.
  • A good rule of thumb is: Don’t put anything on social media that you wouldn’t include with your college application.