SAT Suite

New Career Insights Section on the Digital SAT Suite Score Report

Imagine the moment when you receive your SAT Suite score report. If you’ve been thinking about college, it's a helpful tool for future planning. What if the score report could help you start exploring regardless of what pathway you’re considering after high school? With Career Insights, it’ll show you something new as you think about what comes next.  

Career Insights will be available on your score report and on the BigFuture School free mobile app that will deliver PSAT/NMSQT, SAT School Day, and PSAT 10 scores right to your phone. So, what is this new feature? 


For fall 2023 PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9 test takers

On your score report, you’ll see six in-demand and growing careers in your state, based on information from industry experts. Every test taker at your school, and in your state, will get the same list of six careers, regardless of grade level or test score.  

It’s okay if the career examples don’t necessarily match your interests. This list is a starting point so you can explore more information about the many career options that are out there and align to your interests, values and skills—including ones you may not have considered.  


Why am I seeing these careers on my score report? 

The list you see will highlight careers that offer long-term growth in your state, have many open positions, and have median salaries that meet or exceed a living wage. It will include the most common level of education for each career so you have an idea of what it will take to get there.  

We intentionally show a wide variety of careers spanning six interest areas aligned to John Holland’s RIASEC model for personality types. Most people have a mix of a few interest areas, which is why the list includes one option for each. 

  • Doers (Realistic). You like to do and make things and enjoy being outdoors.  

  • Thinkers (Investigative). You like to analyze and solve problems.  

  • Creators (Artistic). You enjoy using your imagination and being creative.  

  • Helpers (Social). You want to help other people in some way.  

  • Persuaders (Enterprising). You enjoy leading others, growing a business, and making financial gains.  

  • Organizers (Conventional). You are meticulous and enjoy math and compiling information. 


How can I explore and discover more about my career options? 

The careers on your score report could include a career you’ve been thinking about or one you’ve never heard of. It might include a career you're now curious about, or maybe none of the options are a great fit. It’s also okay if the career examples don’t necessarily match your interests.  

Discovering possible careers now can help you create a plan for the future. Career Insights can help you start thinking about careers that might be a good fit, but you’re going to want more information. Head to BigFuture Career Search. It’s a free online tool with 1,000 career options listed. You’ll find information on median salary, recommended education, job growth, and how your PSAT-related test scores align to the typical demands of any career. 


How can I get more personalized information? 

You know what you like and dislike, and that can help you find career options that may be a good fit for you. Take the free, 10-minute Career Quiz on BigFuture. You’ll answer a few questions about your interests and preferences and get matched to 30 careers.  


Starting in spring 2024 for all SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessment test takers

Your score report will include more personalized Career Insights. You’ll see a snapshot of career options based on a variety of factors, including alignment with the math and reading & writing skills based on your SAT Suite performance and growth opportunities/job demand in your state. This list is intended to stimulate your thinking, broaden your awareness, and encourage deeper exploration. 

There are a lot of things that make a career a good fit, and Career Insights is one springboard to discover your career aspirations and what could come next after high school.