What are CLEP Exams?

This post tells you what CLEP (College-Level Examination Program®) exams are and how they help students on their college path. 


What are CLEP exams?

The 34 College Board CLEP exams cover intro-level college course materials. Subjects include business, composition and literature, history and social sciences, science and mathematics, and world languages. Students who receive a passing score on the exams can earn 3 or more college credits at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities. 


Who should take the CLEP exams?

Students who have already learned the basics of a subject such as 101 course material through independent learning, honors high school courses, work experience, or military service. The exams are best for individuals looking to earn college credit while saving time and money. Another benefit is that you can take the test any time of the year. 


Where can you take a CLEP exam?

Students can take CLEP exams at one of the more than 2,000 test centers throughout the U.S. 


How do you register for a CLEP exam?

Take these steps: 

  1. Check your college’s CLEP credit policy.
    • Individual colleges decide how much credit should be given for each test. 
  2. Register and pay for a CLEP exam.
    • After reviewing your institution’s CLEP policy, sign up for the exam. During registration, select an institution to receive your CLEP exam score for free, or wait to send your score after taking the exam and pay a $20 fee.
  3. Contact a CLEP test center to schedule your exam.
    • Contact one of over 2,000 CLEP test centers nationwide. Keep in mind the distance you’ll have to travel and the different testing schedules for each test center.
  4. Prepare for your exam.
    • Take advantage of the resources on the CLEP Practice page. Find recommendations for other study materials on each CLEP exam page.

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