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What are Writing Centers in College?

For some college classes, students will need to write need to write papers that run more than 20 pages. Other classes will only require students to write 1-2 page assignments. Regardless of the courses taken, all college students will need to write in school, and that writing is necessary to be successful in college.

Most colleges help students improve their writing by providing writing centers.


What is a writing center?

A writing center provides tutoring and resources to help students with their writing projects.


When should you go to a writing center?

The best time for students to use a writing center is when they need help with an assignment. Many students go to writing centers for help developing writing ideas, structuring their papers, or proofreading their drafts.

Students find many benefits in their school’s writing center. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Personalized instruction on how to improve their writing
  • Assignments being reviewed by others
  • Receiving constructive edits on their work
  • Brainstorming can help strengthen students’ arguments in their writing


How to get the most out of a writing center.

In order to get the most out of using your school’s writing center, here’s a few tips on how to prepare for the visit.

  • Have your draft ready
  • Explain the assignment to the tutor
  • Prepare for honest edits to your work
  • Make a list of a few questions to ask the person reviewing your work


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