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What is PowerFAIDS?

PowerFAIDS™ is a financial aid management system built by financial aid professionals at College Board. The software helps schools manage and automate the tasks in the financial aid process.

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What does PowerFAIDS stand for?

PowerFAIDS brings over 25 years of experience in financial aid management and is built from its predecessor, MicroFAIDS, totaling over 40 years in supporting financial aid in higher education. The FAIDS in PowerFAIDS and MicroFAIDS stands for Financial Aid Information Data System.


What schools use PowerFAIDS?

The PowerFAIDS team can provide institutional referrals for new schools. There are over 600 institutions that use our tool to manage their financial aid processes, many that have used the system for 20 years or more. Learn more about the different types of schools that implement our tool.


How much does PowerFAIDS cost?

The price to implement PowerFAIDS is determined on a school-by-school basis to meet each institution’s needs.

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What is PowerFAIDS Cloud?

PowerFAIDS Cloud is the newest iteration of the PowerFAIDS tool, which will be hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. PowerFAIDS builds on the trusted functionality of our desktop system and leverages new capabilities available in a cloud-based system.

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Can PowerFAIDS integrate with other software systems we use at our institution?

Yes, PowerFAIDS offers built-in integrations designed in partnership with most leading Student Information Systems (SIS) and with other campus tools, including admissions platform Slate by Technolutions. For more specifications on how PowerFAIDS works with other tools and systems, visit PowerFAIDS Integrated Solutions.


What kind of training and support is available for PowerFAIDS users?

PowerFAIDS provides free, highly-rated support and training from a full team of financial aid experts. Training opportunities include:

  • Robust online community forums
  • Interactive web-based workshops
  • Self-guided tutorials that let you learn at your own pace
  • An extensive resource library


How can PowerFAIDS help streamline the financial aid process for our institution?

PowerFAIDS helps college financial aid offices focus on the personal aspects of financial aid by providing support in key areas. These include:

  • Keeping track and staying up to date on student information and communications
  • Processing important federal and institutional data and reporting
  • Managing and disbursing funds


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