Advanced Placement

AP Courses for Majors and Careers

Thinking about which AP courses to take next school year? Consider what major you want to pursue in college and what potential career you’d like to have. Not sure about what potential majors or careers are right for you? Start here.

Here are great AP courses to consider, based on potential majors and careers.

Imagine a world without artno paintings, no sketches, no statues in the parks. A world without art would be pretty empty, dull, and cold. As an artist, you can express yourself through your work across various mediums, including digital graphic design, photography, and advertising. Continue your passion for art with one of these AP courses.

AP Courses for Artists

If you’re considering becoming a doctor or want to pursue medicine, consider taking one of the courses below to help you get one step closer to your dream of helping people.

AP Courses for Doctors

Financial analysts help businesses and other organizations come up with investment strategies to meet their financial goals. As an analyst, your main responsibility will be spotting market trends and keeping tabs on up-and-coming companies. You’ll also make predictions about the economic health of various industries. Why? So you can help businesses make good investment decisions.

AP Courses for Financial Analysts

If you’re considering becoming a lawyer, there are a number of different areas of law that you could practice in your career. Some common law practices include banking and finance, corporate, criminal, employment, family, media, and real estate. What are you interested in?

AP Courses for Lawyers

If you want to become a teacher, it's probably because of your experiences in the classroom. Maybe you find inspiration in great teachers or simply your own love of learning. With a career in teaching, you'll be able to share that love and pass along the skills and knowledge kids need to get a start in life.

AP Courses for Teachers

Web designers combine art skills with business savvy to create the structure and “look and feel” of websites that are both eye-pleasing and user-friendly.

AP Courses for Web Designers

Connect AP to more majors and careers on our website. Also, talk to your counselor about how you can enroll in courses for the upcoming school year.