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Everything You Need to Know About the Digital SAT

You’ve probably already heard that College Board will soon make the SAT digital. It’s an exciting move in the right direction. But it might also mean that you’ve got questions. Here’s what you need to know.


Is the SAT still important to take?

It sure is! The SAT puts your achievements into context. That means it shows off your qualifications to colleges and helps you stand out.

Most colleges—including those that are test optional—still accept SAT scores. Together with high school grades, the SAT can show your potential to succeed in college or career.

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When is the SAT going digital?

Students testing outside the U.S. first started taking the digital SAT in spring 2023. If you’re in the U.S., whether you’re planning to take the SAT in a test center on a weekend or in school on a school day, the test will be digital starting in spring 2024. So, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and get familiar with the digital test.

Most students take the SAT for the first time in the spring of 11th grade. If you’re taking the PSAT/NMSQT this fall, you’ll already know what to expect with the digital SAT.

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Isn’t this just the same test but online?

No, College Board isn’t just going to take the paper and pencil test and put it on the computer. We’re taking the opportunity to make the SAT a far better test experience for you.


What’s staying the same?

  • Still measuring the knowledge and skills that matter most for college and career.
  • Still scoring the test on a 1600-point scale.
  • Still administering the test in schools or test centers with a proctor present (not at home). Test centers will continue to be open to all students, not just those enrolled in that school.
  • Still offering access to free, world-class practice resources.
  • Still supporting all students, including those who need accommodations on test day.


What’s changing?


How do I register?

Registration for the spring 2024 digital SAT will open this fall. If you’re signed up for College Board emails, you’ll hear from us. Or you can check our website. You can check dates and deadlines here and find a test center close to you here.

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How do I practice?

Find everything you need to start practicing and preparing for the digital SAT here.

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