Advanced Placement

Introducing the AP Alumni Network

Are you a high school senior who has taken one or more AP courses? Did you enjoy the course(s) you’ve taken and want to share your experience? If your answer is “yes,” consider joining the AP Alumni Network. This community of former AP students are passionate about the Advanced Placement® Program and sharing their AP experiences with policymakers to increase educational opportunities for students nationwide.

Because it’s made up of former AP students like you who want to use their voices to help future AP students, the AP Alumni Network offers a chance to build relationships and have thoughtful conversations with elected leaders at the state and federal level. You can make a difference in demonstrating the value of the AP Program by sharing your personal AP story.

The AP Alumni Network collaborates with the College Board's government relations team to advocate for education policies that expand student access. Members of the AP Alumni Network can also encourage students through social media campaigns.

Don’t miss the chance to sign up for the AP Alumni Network to connect with peers and build a professional network. Watch the videos below to see how current AP Alumni have been featured in recent campaigns.

We hope you’ll sign up because your voice can make a difference in the lives of students in your state and nationwide!