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What is the Average SAT Score?

We calculate the national average SAT scores for a graduating class by adding the scores of every student in that class who took the SAT and dividing them by the number of test takers. When asking about average SAT scores, people typically refer to scores for each section - Reading and Writing (this used to be referred to as the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing test, or ERW) and Math. Our most recent averages are noted below:


SAT Score National Averages for the Class of 2022

Average Reading and Writing: 529

Average Math: 521

Average Total SAT score: 1050

The two required sections, Reading and Writing and Math, are scored on a scale of 200–800. When you receive your score, you’ll first see your total score, which ranges from 400-1600, and then the two section scores.


Calculating Averages and Percentiles

If you’d like to take a deep dive, we calculate average SAT scores by state, gender, race/ethnicity, and other demographics. The most recent data is in our SAT Suite of Assessments Annual Report.

You’ll see scores such as subscores and cross-test scores (the score structure) on your SAT score report that break down how well you performed in specific areas.

National percentiles reveal how you rank compared to other students. They can help set realistic goals, assess your competitive standing for specific colleges, or identify areas for improvement. With a range from 1 to 99, they represent the percentage of students who scored at or below your level. Essentially, a higher percentile indicates a stronger performance compared to your peers.


How to Improve Your SAT Score

If you’re unhappy with your SAT results, try using one of our free study tools before retaking the test. Set a target score, take a practice test, and focus on the areas that need growth.

Remember: SAT scores are one of many parts of the application profile colleges view when deciding who to admit. Your grades, after-school activities, letters of recommendation, etc., give a more complete picture of who you are.