Advanced Placement

AP Courses That Go Together

Like peanut butter and jelly, these AP® courses are great alone but even better when paired together. Taking AP courses not only gives you the opportunity to earn credit or advanced placement but also builds skills that will help you be successful throughout high school, college, and beyond. A great way to hone these skills is to extend your learning by taking AP courses that complement each other.

Most of the courses in the list below are companion pairings that have cross-curricular benefits, meaning the skills and content you’ll learn in one course are relevant to and will benefit you in the other course. Other pairings offer a more focused course sequence within a single subject area where the content and skills taught within each course build on each other across the two-course pairing.

If they’re available in your school, consider taking these connected AP courses.

Cross-Curricular Companion Courses

Focused Sequences of Courses

* Please note that colleges typically will only grant credit for one of the two AP English courses.

** AP Research is the only course the AP Program requires students to take in a sequence, after AP Seminar.


Pre-AP Connections to AP Courses

Some schools offer Pre-AP® courses, which help you develop the skills needed for future success in AP. These courses are directly mapped to specific AP courses and often include strong connections to more than one.

Discover which AP courses may be a natural next step for you, and schedule time with your school counselor to find out which ones are available to take next.