Advanced Placement

Become a Global Citizen with AP World Language and Culture Courses

Being a responsible global citizen means understanding the world beyond your own borders. Getting to know cultures and languages other than your own can broaden your perspective and help you communicate and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. AP® world language and culture courses offer students this opportunity through the study of these seven languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.

"I took AP Spanish Language and Culture because I wanted to genuinely develop a skill that I will use. It's helped me in all my other classes by pushing me and making me think in ways I never would have before I took the class."

Cameron, AP student

About the Courses

AP world language and culture courses help you develop foreign language skills by introducing you to real-life, authentic materials like articles, films, music and literature. You’ll practice communicating in the target language by holding conversations in real-world scenarios. You’ll also read and write promotional material, stories, letters, emails, essays, and other texts and explore how concepts such as art, technology, and politics impact the target culture.

In addition to the seven language and culture courses, AP Spanish Literature and Culture gives students the chance to build Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge through the exploration of literary works produced in Spanish from around the Spanish-speaking world, including the United States.

Although there are no prerequisites for the language and culture courses, students tend to wait and take them in their third or fourth year of high school.  We recommend that you take the AP Spanish Language and Culture course before enrolling in the AP Spanish Literature and Culture course. Native or heritage speakers should consider taking these courses earlier in high school.


How You’ll Benefit

Employers are increasingly seeking workers who are proficient in more than one language. Knowing a second language can put you at an advantage when exploring job opportunities across a wide range of fields such as healthcare, education, business, and law. Explore a list of careers and majors connected with AP world language and culture courses: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.

Besides expanding your career opportunities, you’ll also have the chance to save time and money in college. Because of the credit or advanced placement, or both you earn through AP, you may be able to skip introductory college classes. This will give you the flexibility to graduate early, change majors, pursue a second degree, or further develop your language skills by studying abroad. Learn more ways you’ll benefit.