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Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy Overview

With the launch of the digital SAT, College Board, along with Khan Academy®, created a new and improved approach to SAT preparation, Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy. With Official Digital SAT Prep, all students have access to free tools built by College Board, along with the online learning expertise of Khan Academy. It all starts with full-length adaptive practice tests available for free in Bluebook. Then, after reviewing their test results, students can get free Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy.


College Board and Khan Academy Partnership Background Info

As a leader and innovator in online education, Khan Academy is an ideal partner for this work. Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Their platform creates personalized study plans for students to help them focus on the areas where they need the most work.

In 2015, College Board partnered with Khan Academy for a new and improved approach to SAT preparation called Official SAT Practice. This partnership was created with the mission of providing a world-class, tailored SAT practice experience to all students, regardless of income level or background.

Khan Academy provides free online courses to learners worldwide. What was initially started as a means for Sal Khan to tutor his cousin, Khan Academy began as a series of math videos that gained traction for their ability to provide users with approachable lessons regardless of their income or location. What's amazing about Khan Academy is that it seeks to level the playing field. A student in a rural village in China can learn the same material as a student from the inner city in the U.S.

College Board has been around for more than 120 years—helping more than 7 million students per year navigate the path from high school to college and career. As the owners and administrators of the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT, we share Khan Academy’s commitment to leveling the playing field.


Modernizing the SAT Prep Experience

In the past, SAT prep has been characterized by paid courses and thick books to help students master word-comparison exercises and memorize the so-called “SAT words.” Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy provides free, online resources that are tailored to each student to help them pinpoint which skills they need to improve. As they practice over time, their study plan will evolve with them and help them level up to more challenging skills.

College Board is transitioning the SAT to a new digital format. It continues to test students on what they’re learning while they’re in high school and the skills that matter most for college and career success. Khan Academy is continuing to partner with College Board through this transition, and will continue to help students prepare in the most useful and relevant way.

Official Digital SAT Prep is 100% online and accessible to students anytime and anywhere they want to study. Full-length digital SAT practice tests on the Bluebook digital testing app are timed and scored automatically, so students can quickly see what they missed and focus their study hours on those topics. Gone are the days of manually scoring paper practice tests!

Official Digital SAT Prep still provides all students thousands of practice questions, videos, lessons and hints, plus test-taking tips and strategies.


The Best Practice for the Digital SAT

In addition to being an important factor for college admission including for colleges that have test optional admissions policies, the SAT is also a way to secure scholarship funding and can be seen as a predictor for college and career success—especially for those students who feel their GPA does not reflect their full potential.

Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy was designed for the digital SAT, in partnership with College Board, the makers of the SAT, so it provides students a truly aligned and relevant way to prepare.


Get Started on Official Digital SAT Prep

Ready to see the College Board/Khan Academy relationship in action? Here’s how to get started with Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy.

If you haven’t already, download Bluebook and take a full-length digital adaptive practice test. (For students who’ll test with paper-based accommodations on test day, full-length linear practice tests are also available to download.) Full-length practice tests are timed like real tests and on the same app that will be used on test day. Students that practice on Bluebook will have the closest experience to what they will encounter on test day. By familiarizing themselves with the testing application and digital tests, students will be ready to focus on testing their skills.

Using the same login information you used in Bluebook, go to and review the questions you answered incorrectly, along with the explanation of the correct answer. By doing this you can focus on the types of questions and skills that you need to practice most. Click on the button in to explore every question in the specific practice you took on Khan Academy.


The Importance of Practice

Just like with sports or music, practice early and often if you want to do your best on the SAT. The more you practice, the more familiar you’ll be with the test format and content on test day. Practice helps you build the skills you need and makes you feel more confident. You can try to cram in your SAT prep the night before the test, but you’re more likely to perform better if you’ve dedicated time to practicing. Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy allows you to prepare at your own pace, in small manageable chunks, and track your progress.

We know that it can be intimidating getting ready for a test as important as the SAT. With Khan Academy by your side, we hope to make preparing for the SAT easier and more accessible than ever before, so you can show your best work on test day.