Advanced Placement

Free Resources to Prepare for AP Exams

2024 Exams: If you’re registered to take AP® Exams this year, be sure to check in with your school to find out when and where you’ll take them. View the complete calendar of AP Exam dates and times here. Get the lay of the land, including exam timing and structure, here.


You’ve Got This! Get Ready for Your AP Exams.

This year stay focused on following through. Completing an AP Exam always has benefits, no matter your score. It shows colleges you’re willing to challenge yourself by completing college-level coursework. And if it’s your first time taking an AP Exam, learn what to expect so you’ll feel confident on test day.


1. AP Daily: Practice Sessions

Mark your calendars for new AP Daily: Practice Sessions, a video series focused on practicing free-response and multiple-choice questions. These short, 15-minute video sessions will be led by experienced AP teachers and released on April 22. All videos will be posted on AP Classroom and YouTube and can be watched at any time before your AP Exams.

Note: Practice sessions are not available for AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Art and Design, and AP World Languages. However, videos on the Review page under Course Resources in AP Classroom are excellent preparation resources for these courses.


2. AP Daily Videos

Review and continue building your knowledge of course content and skills with AP Daily. Watch these short videos, taught by experienced AP teachers, on your own time to review and practice all the content and skills that will be assessed on your AP Exam this year. Log in to AP Classroom to get started.

Pro Tip: AP Daily Live videos can be viewed with closed captioning. Search words, scan, and get the information you’re looking for quickly.

3. AP Daily: Live Review Recordings

Did you know that you’re able to view last year’s AP Daily: Live Review videos? Access them in AP Classroom. Go to the Review page in the Course Resources section to view them. It’s never too early to start preparing.


4. Other AP Classroom Resources

AP Daily, AP Daily: Practice Sessions, and AP Daily: Live Review recordings are available in AP Classroom, along with these resources that your teachers may use to help you prepare throughout the year.

  • Topic Questions: Practice questions assigned by your teacher that check your understanding and give you immediate feedback on each unit topic.
  • Progress Checks: Assessments unlocked by your teacher to gauge what you know and can do after each unit of the course. Use the results to create a study plan for the AP Exam.
  • Reports: Personalized charts and data that show your understanding of course content and skills over time so you can view your progress from unit to unit.
  • Additional Tips: Use this handy interactive user guide to get the most out of your AP Classroom experience.


5. Take advantage of our other free resources to prepare yourself:

  • Ask your AP teacher about a review plan that uses coursework, previous assignments, and AP Classroom resources.
  • Click the About the Exam tab on any of the course pages to learn about your course’s exam.
  • Practice for your upcoming AP Exams with questions created by the AP Program. If your exam has them, you can download free-response questions and review sample student responses and scoring guidelines from previous exams on the About the Exam tab of your course page.
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