Advanced Placement

How to Get Your AP Scores in July

Took an AP® Exam? Make sure you’ll be ready to access your scores on the AP Scores website in July.

How to Get Your AP Scores

Don’t create a duplicate account—this may delay access to your scores.

Note: Always keep your account information confidential and don’t share your login ID or password with others.

If you have more than one account, can’t log in, or have another problem with your account, please contact AP Services for Students..

In May/June

If you want to send your scores from this year or any from previous years—for free—sign into My AP. Under your profile, select the Score Send tab. This will enable you to view your score report. You have until the June 20 deadline to designate or update your free score send recipient online.

Check the AP Scores website to find out when your scores will be available.

In July

When AP scores are released in July, you’ll need your College Board login ID and password to access them at the AP Scores website. You can use your account to send AP scores to additional colleges, universities, and scholarship organizations for a fee any time after June 20. By sending scores, you take full advantage of AP by strengthening your college applications and being considered for credit and placement. Learn more about sending your AP scores.