Advanced Placement

How to Send Your AP Scores

You’ve put in the work, studied hard, and completed your AP® Exam. Congratulations! Regardless of the score, sending your scores shows colleges, universities, and scholarship organizations that you’ve tackled college-level work. All AP Exam scores will help you stand out!

Check out how to send your scores below.

Before June 20

Every year you take an AP Exam you can send one free AP score report. This report includes all scores for the AP Exams you take this year, as well as any past AP Exam scores, ensuring you'll get all the credit and placement you’ve earned.

Sign in to My AP, go to My AP Profile, and select the Score Send tab to indicate the college, university, or scholarship organization that you want to receive your free score send by the June 20 deadline. Keep in mind, if you haven’t finalized which college or university you’ll be attending, you can come back any time before the deadline and change your selection. Your official score report will then be sent to the organization you’ve selected as soon as scores are available in July.

Even though you may not know which school you want to attend in the future, using your free score send helps you stand out—it shows the college your early interest.

 After June 20

If you didn’t activate your free score send, or wish to send your score(s) to additional colleges, universities, or scholarship organizations, you can order a score report online for a fee.

If you’re a senior, be sure to check your college’s deadline for sending AP scores. Many colleges have a mid-July deadline, so we encourage seniors to send their scores as soon as they’re available. Learn more about sending scores. 

AP Score Release

AP scores are released in July. Before scores are released, confirm you can access your College Board account by signing in using the same account you used to enroll in your AP class sections. Don't create a new account if you already have one, as duplicate accounts can cause delays in getting your AP scores. If you have more than one account, can’t log in, or have another problem with your account, please contact AP Services for Students

Check out these FAQs about viewing your scores and learn more about each AP score.

Credit and Advanced Placement for AP Exam Scores

Learn about how getting credit and placement works here.

Use our AP Credit Policy Search Tool to confirm which colleges offer credit or advanced placement for each course.