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You’ve put in the work, studied hard, and just completed your AP Exam. Now learn how to send your latest AP results to colleges when your score is released.


Before the Exam

All test takers are eligible to send one free AP score report. Before taking your AP Exam, decide which college you want to receive your score report. On test day, fill in that college’s four-digit code on your first answer sheet (remember, there’s no additional fee). Your score report will be sent to the school you picked as soon as scores are available. Use our AP Credit Policy Search Tool to confirm the college offers credit for AP scores.


After the Exam

If you didn’t choose a college on your answer sheet, you can order your score report online, for a fee.

If you’re a senior, be sure to check your college’s deadline for sending AP scores. Many colleges have a mid-July deadline, so we encourage seniors to send their scores as soon as they’re available. Learn more about sending scores.


AP Score Release

AP scores are released from July 5 through July 9 on a rolling schedule based on location. To learn more about the exact date of the score release in your area, check out the AP score release calendar. Before scores are released, confirm you can access your College Board account by signing in. If you don’t have a College Board account, create one using the same information you provided on your AP Exam answer sheet.

Once you’ve created a College Board account, you may need your eight-digit AP number to access your score, so make sure you have it handy. Learn more about your AP number. Questions about your AP scores? Check out these FAQs.