Advanced Placement

Should I Commit to Taking AP Exams?

In the fall, you’ve settled into your AP courses and are either confirming your exam registration or making the decision to take an AP Exam. Whether you’re taking an AP course for the first time, have experienced an AP course before, or are gearing up for your last AP class as a senior, completing your course by taking an AP Exam always has benefits.

All AP Exam scores prove you’re willing to work hard and complete college-level work.

“AP students are intellectually curious, disciplined, and incredibly resilient. You are the type of people who will follow through on things you’ve started.”

Minh-Ha Hoang, Director of Admissions and Enrollment, University of San Diego


Maximize Your Hard Work─Go All In on AP

Let’s think about the other classes you’re taking. You work hard to prepare for final exams and submit semester projects to complete the class. Going through the year with an end goal in mind keeps you motivated.

It’s no different with your AP courses. Taking the exam is part of the AP experience, and you can earn more than a grade at the end of the course.  If it’s your first time taking an AP Exam, learn more about what to expect and how to maximize all your hard work on test day.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

Wayne Gretzky


Seize the Opportunity to Save Time and Money

Did you know that two out of three AP students earn college credit in high school? Don’t miss your chance to join them.

You can only earn college credit, advanced placement, or both if you complete the AP Exam. Earning credit and/or placement gives you the flexibility to change majors, pursue a second degree, study abroad, seek internships, or transfer colleges.

Check out the credit policies at colleges you’re considering. Learn how advanced placement and credit policies work.

“AP can be challenging, but it is the most rewarding thing I did in high school—I came into college with enough credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree AND master’s degree in four years total!”

Anna K., University of Alabama, former AP student


Prepare for the Future

Regardless of your AP Exam score, completing an AP course and exam advances you academically. You’ll develop skills that help you succeed in your current classes and in college, such as time management, critical thinking, scholarly writing, and independent study. Sharpening these skills as you prepare for your AP Exam makes your transition from high school to college easier.

Research shows that students who take AP courses and exams have better college outcomes than their peers.

Check with your AP teacher or coordinator to confirm that you’re registered for your upcoming AP Exams. Learn more here.