Advanced Placement

What to Know About AP Credit and Placement and AP Score Sends

Because the end of the 2021 AP Exam administrations is fast approaching, we want to make sure you understand everything about how AP credit and placement work, as well as how to send your AP Exam scores to colleges.

AP Credit and Placement

Did you know you can earn college credit, placement, or both with your AP Exam scores, depending on the policy of the colleges you’re interested in? Here’s the difference between credit and placement:

  • You can graduate from college early and save money on tuition by gaining credit through AP Exam scores. You need a certain number of credits (usually 120 for a bachelor’s degree), and more colleges than ever before offer credit for your AP scores.
  • You can skip certain introductory courses and gain placement in more advanced courses through your AP scores.

Some colleges offer the chance to both earn credit and skip a course (i.e., after gaining AP placement) with a qualifying AP score.

Search colleges you’re interested in or planning to attend to learn their credit and placement policies.

Sending Scores

Every year you take AP Exams, you can send one score report for free to the college, university, or scholarship organization of your choice. Score reports include this year's and prior years’ AP Exam scores.

Unsure of how to send your AP scores? Send them for free by June 20 by taking these steps:

  • Sign in your My AP account using your College Board username and password.
  • Go to My AP Profile. Select the Score Send tab.
  • Type in the name of your college or university. When the name appears on the list, select it. Hit Save.

If you’d like to send scores after June 20, you’ll be charged a fee. If you’re unable to send scores online, request them to be sent by mail or fax.

Keep in mind that to get college credit, you need to choose to send your official AP score report. If you’re a senior, be sure to note the AP score deadlines for colleges you’re planning to attend so you don’t lose the opportunity to send your scores. Send your scores as soon as they’re available.
As a reminder, scores from the 2021 AP Exams will start to be released in mid-July.

To learn more about AP Exam scores, check out this webpage.