Advanced Placement

Students’ Journeys to AP Precalculus

AP® Precalculus is a different type of AP course. It’s designed for every student who’s ready for precalculus in high school.


Who Should Take AP Precalculus?

AP Precalculus can help set you up for success no matter where you begin your high school math journey. You’re ready for AP Precalculus if you plan to complete Geometry and Algebra 2 (or Integrated Math 3 instead) before your senior year.

Whether you’re taking an Advanced Placement course for the first time, are interested in pursuing a STEM major or career, or want to fulfill a math requirement so you can focus on courses for a different type of major, AP Precalculus can benefit you.


Can you relate to one of these students?

I’m okay at math, but it’s not my favorite subject—I’m more passionate about art and history. Even though I’m not required to take a 4th year of math in high school, I’m going to take AP Precalculus because a qualifying AP Exam score can fulfill my college math requirement. This would leave me more time to focus on courses I’m more interested in and that align with my major.

AIDEN (Not interested in STEM majors; has not taken an AP course; took Algebra 1 in 9th grade)

I’m pretty good at math but don’t want to go into the traditional math and science fields or be something like an engineer or biologist. People and data are interesting to me, so I’m considering a career in psychology or sociology. I plan to take both AP Statistics and AP Precalculus my senior year because my school counselor suggested that they’re great courses to take together.

CARTER (Unsure about STEM majors; has not taken an AP course; took Algebra 1 before 9th grade)

I’m nervous about taking AP Calculus, but I know that taking it will help me better prepare for the college engineering programs I’m interested in applying to. I think taking AP Precalculus junior year will be a great ‘stepping stone’ to help me strengthen my content knowledge so I can be successful in AP Calculus AB or BC my senior year.

KAYLA (Interested in STEM majors; has taken AP course(s); took Algebra 1 before 9th grade)

I love science! My dream is to work at NASA, but I know I need to improve and sharpen my math skills to make it through calculus and any other STEM courses that will be part of my college major. I’m going to take AP Precalculus senior year, so I’ll be more confident and prepared to tackle the higher-level math I’ll face in advanced courses.

SYDNEY (Interested in STEM majors; has taken AP course(s); took Algebra 1 in 9th grade)

My passions are writing and music. Math just isn‘t my ‘thing.’ I’m taking AP English Language and Composition in my junior year so I know what to expect in an AP course. Then, I’m going to tackle AP Precalculus senior year so I’ll be able to focus my energy and time in college on my real passions.

TAYLOR (Not interested in STEM majors; has taken AP course(s); took Algebra 1 in 9th grade)

AP Precalculus can help you prepare for college and build valuable skills and knowledge you’ll use in high school, college, and beyond. Learn more about this new course and how it can benefit you.