Advanced Placement

What Students Are Saying About AP

Taking an AP® course and exam can be a big decision. Learning about other students' experiences can help you decide which path is best for you. The following are some questions we receive frequently. We included feedback from AP students about their experience.  


Is taking AP worth it?  

“I credit AP with giving me a taste of different fields. Whether it's AP Calculus, or AP Human Geography, or AP World History, by taking a wide range of courses, I was exposed to a greater understanding of the world. This proved to be very helpful going to college.”—Naomi, AP alum 

"The great thing about taking AP Exams was that I was able to earn 15 college credit hours, which is equivalent to an entire semester. That gave me a cushion to be able to take fewer classes each semester and explore other classes I was interested in."—Melissa, AP alum 


Is AP worth it if you don’t earn credit or advanced placement?  

"AP classes helped me learn how to study, think critically, and be more confident in the classroom. I learned not only how to manage academic rigor but also how to balance my academic responsibilities with my well-being. Now, as a first-generation student navigating college, I use these skills to succeed in my coursework."—Melissa, AP alum 

"My AP experience helped me succeed in college. Because I was a first-generation student, I was extremely nervous going to college. Nobody else in my family had done it. Taking AP prepared me with writing skills, social skills, talking to professors, and building the confidence to do what I needed to do in my college-level courses."—Briana, AP alum 


When should I start taking AP classes?  

"At first, I had a lot of apprehension about taking AP Seminar my sophomore year, but this course meets you where you are and builds upon what you already know. I learned how to identify appropriate research, craft a compelling synthesis paper, and present in front of others. I don’t think I would’ve done as well in my junior and senior high school years and in college classes without it."—Jayden, AP alum 

“By starting AP classes earlier in 9th and 10th grade I was able to explore more subjects that I was interested in and decide which career path I wanted to do. I was also able to earn college credit because of the AP classes I took earlier in 9th and 10th grade. Taking AP courses early on in high school enhanced my writing skills in certain classes and boosted my confidence when it came to college assignments.” —Malik, AP alum 


Is AP hard? 

"My AP courses prepared me for college in ways that my other courses could not. I learned how to stay committed to learning even when I believed the content may have been too difficult to grasp. I learned to be disciplined, and to face challenges head on."—Zaria, AP alum 

“I would say take one during one school year, just to see and understand how AP works. Also, I would say take classes based on interests, not necessarily just to have credit. Because I’m someone who loves social sciences, I took classes that corresponded with that, like AP Spanish and AP English as opposed to taking STEM-based AP classes.”—Chimdimma, AP alum 


Who should take AP classes?  

"I would tell other students to really think about what type of learner they are, what their strong points and weak points are in the classroom, and what type of content they enjoy studying. If they only want college credit and a GPA boost out of the class, AP may not be for them. AP is for students who genuinely care about their learning and want to understand content on a deeper level."—Ellison, AP alum 

“Believe in yourself. Try to challenge your limits. AP isn't for everyone, but if you have an interest in a particular subject and would like to learn more than you would in a typical classroom, go for it. It will help you build skills that will become very valuable in the future, and succeeding in an AP class is an achievement you can surely boast about!”—Sofía, AP alum 


What’s the best AP Class?  

“My favorite class was AP Biology because it completely changed my perspective and influenced how I go about my day-to-day life. The course gave me knowledge that was applicable to my own body and health, and I found that interesting.”—Jacob, AP Alum 

“My favorite AP class was AP Research because I got to explore a topic that I was incredibly passionate about. I enjoyed that the course content was centered around me and my interests.”—Hailey, AP alum 

“My favorite AP class was AP United States Government and Politics because I actually enjoyed learning about our American political system.”—Joshua, AP Alum 

“My favorite AP class was Psychology. I've always been fascinated with the ways people think, and I had a great time taking this introductory course. We explored topics such as behaviorism and Freudian slips. Because of my experience with this course, I'm considering majoring in psychology in college.”—Jessica, AP alum 

Check out the video below to hear from more students who took AP courses. If you’re ready to take the next step, talk with your teachers and counselors to see which AP course might be right for you.