SAT Suite

What’s Bluebook?

If you’re planning to take the SAT®, a PSAT-related assessment, or certain AP® Exams, you may have heard about Bluebook™. Bluebook is the testing application students use to take these digital College Board exams. It makes test day easier, quicker, and more secure.

To explore the app before test day, you can download Bluebook on a Windows or Mac device, an iPad, or a school-managed Chromebook. Find out more about the devices that can run Bluebook.


Download Bluebook


You’ll log in to Bluebook with either a sign-in ticket from your school or with your College Board account. In the Practice and Prepare section, you can try the Test Preview or take a full-length practice tes to get familiar with the testing tools, including:

Testing Timer: A timer will let you know how much time is remaining in each part of the test. You can hide it until 5 minutes remain. Then you’ll get an alert.

Calculator: For tests with math questions, the app has a built-in Desmos graphing calculator. You can drag it anywhere on the screen.

Reference Sheet: A reference sheet with commonly used formulas will appear on all tests with math questions.

Annotate Tool: Use this to highlight text in a question. You can also leave yourself a note.

Mark for Review Tool: Use this bookmark icon to flag any question you want to come back to.

Option Eliminator: Cross out answer choices you think are wrong. You can undo this if you change your mind.

Question Menu: See which questions you skipped or marked for review. Then navigate to any question in the section.

Zoom Option: Use keyboard shortcuts on laptops. You can also pinch and zoom on tablets to get a closer look at any part of the question.

Line Reader: Use this tool to help you focus as you’re reading test content.

If you’ve been approved for certain accommodations or assistive technology, find out how they work with Bluebook.

Bluebook must be installed on the device you’ll use to test before test day. If you’re planning to use a school-managed device, you may need to reach out to someone at your school for help.

Now that you know all about Bluebook, you can start practicing and preparing for test day.