Advanced Placement

5 Tips for AP Course Success

Welcome to AP®! Whether you’re a veteran AP student, or taking a course for the first time, know that the work you do in an AP course will help you prepare for college and beyond. Each AP course you take will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Tackle college-level work.
  • Develop critical and useful skills that will help you in future AP courses, college, and career.
  • Stand out to scholarship organizations and in the college application process.


Here are five steps you can take (and some free resources) to help you gear up for your next AP course.


1. Use AP Classroom.

Use your College Board account login details to sign in to My AP and join your AP class section by entering the join code provided by your teacher. Then access AP resources to visit AP Classroom and see each course you’re in. Check out daily learning videos, practice materials, and reports that highlight your individual areas of strength and areas where you might need additional study. Discuss with your AP teacher how AP Classroom will be used with your coursework.


2. Watch AP Daily Videos.

You can watch AP Daily videos that align to every topic in every unit. These short videos will help build your knowledge of course content and skills across units. They can be viewed at any time, on any device with internet access. Also watch recordings of AP Daily: Practice Sessions and AP Daily: Live Review from previous years on-demand in AP Classroom, as you start to review course concepts and practice answering multiple-choice and free-response questions. Join experienced AP teachers as they help you prepare for AP Exams.

Log in to AP Classroom to start watching.


3. Search College Credit Policies.

Taking an AP course and exam gives you the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. As you start to plan for college, you should become familiar with the credit policies at colleges and universities you’re interested in attending. The AP Credit Policy search tool will show you exam scores each university accepts per course for advanced placement, credit, or both. Or learn more about whether your state offers specific policies for credit.


 4. Connect with Colleges.

Taking AP courses and exams helps you stand out to colleges and scholarship programs. Hear from them directly by joining Student Search Service. With a few clicks you can learn about scholarship programs and colleges across the country without ever leaving home. Students who are contacted by colleges through Student Search Service receive, on average, 29% more offers of college admission.


5. Stay Motivated.

Take advantage of our Healthy Habits for Building Confidence to learn strategies for success, whether in the classroom or beyond. Taking care of yourself is the best way to stay motivated!


For more information about AP, be sure to visit AP Students.