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How to Print Your SAT Admission Ticket

Your admission ticket is available as soon as you finish registering and you can print it any time up to and including test day. If you printed your admission ticket when you registered, check again before test day to make sure your test center hasn’t changed. You must bring your admission ticket to the test center in order to take the test. Read more on what else you need to bring on test day.



  1. If you haven’t already, sign in to My SAT

  1. Under “My Upcoming Tests,” find the information for your upcoming test date. 

  1. Click “Print Your Admission Ticket” drop-down menu item. 

  1. Before printing, review your admission ticket’s information to make sure it’s accurate. If there are important messages on your ticket, read them carefully so you know what to do. 

SAT Admission Ticket Screen Shot

  1. Your ticket may also have a message for your test center’s supervisor. In case there’s a mistake, read it to make sure it’s accurate. 

  1. Print your admission ticket and bring it with you on test day. 

  1. If you have questions, call Customer Service at 866-756-7346. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Printing Your SAT Admission Ticket 

What happens if I don’t bring my admission ticket on test day? 

Test center supervisors won’t let you in. If there’s time, you can go get your admission ticket or contact someone to bring it to the test center. Your seat won’t be held while you’re finding the ticket. 

Can I bring an electronic copy of my admission ticket on my phone? 

No, you must bring a printed admission ticket. Otherwise, you can’t get into the test center. 

If I make changes to my registration, will the updates show up on my admission ticket? 

Yes, but print a new version of your admission ticket each time you make a change. 

If I registered by phone or mail, how do I get my admission ticket? 

If you provided an email address, we’ll send a link to your online admission ticket through email. If you requested to be sent a paper admission ticket, we’ll mail it to you. 

What should I do if I can’t access my admission ticket? 

Call Customer Service at 866-756-7346. 

For more information on the SAT visit Call Customer Service at 866-756-7346.