Advanced Placement

Why Take AP Precalculus?

Want to figure out how quickly you'll reach 10,000 followers on TikTok? In AP Precalculus you'll explore concepts like polynomial and exponential functions that can help you calculate your rise to influencer status, and many more concepts that can be applied beyond the classroom.

Whether you’re taking an Advanced Placement® course for the first time, are interested in pursuing a STEM major or career, or want to fulfill a college math requirement so you can focus on courses for your major, AP Precalculus can help you build valuable skills and knowledge you’ll use in high school, college, and beyond.


About the Course

AP Precalculus is designed to prepare more students for college-level math. You'll gain an understanding of the concepts of college algebra, trigonometry, and additional topics by exploring everyday situations using mathematical tools. You’ll also build an understanding of modeling and functions and examine scenarios through multiple lenses.

AP Precalculus can help set you up for success no matter where you begin your high school math journey. You’re ready for AP Precalculus if you plan to complete geometry and algebra 2 (or integrated math 3 instead) before your senior year. Can you relate to one of these students on why and when they chose to take AP Precalculus?


How You Benefit

Research shows that students who take precalculus in high school are 155% more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree, a higher boost in degree completion than students taking algebra 2, trigonometry, or calculus. And by taking even one AP course you can substantially improve your first-year college GPA and will be more likely to graduate on time. AP Precalculus also has many connections to a wide range of careers and majors.

In AP Precalculus you’ll:

  • Have the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both and stand out in the college application process.
  • Gain confidence by tackling college-level coursework in a familiar environment, your high school classroom. And get more time with your teacher—140 hours compared with only 48 class hours in a college precalculus course.
  • Use free, digital learning and practice resources that can help you do your best.


Talk to your teachers or school counselor to see if AP Precalculus is available at your school and how you can enroll.