Advanced Placement

6 Tips to Build Confidence for Your AP Exams

High school can be a balancing act. You might be figuring out how to make time for your coursework, extracurricular activities, or a part-time job, or spending more time with your friends. Wherever you are this spring, know that you can do it! Whether you’re taking your first AP® Exam or your last, here are some proven tactics that will help you be successful and build confidence now and in the future:


1. Stay committed

When you commit to something, you’ve given yourself a path to follow through—which often leads to motivation for success. Set your eye on the prize and go for it.


2. Positive self-talk

It's easy to let your nerves get the best of you when tackling something new. Don’t be your harshest critic. Write how great you are on a sticky note or on a mirror to remind yourself you can do it!


3. Move your body

Whether you’re an athlete or you enjoy getting outdoors or walking your dog, moving your body will pay off. It’ll boost your endorphins and give you a break, so you’ll feel refreshed when you return to your work and responsibilities.


4. Get enough rest

While you think studying all night will make you smarter, you may be making it harder on yourself. Take time for rest and prioritize getting a full night’s sleep.


5. Ask for help

Just because you don’t have the answer doesn’t mean you aren’t resourceful enough to find it. The most successful people know when to ask for help—and take it when it’s given.


6. Utilize resources available to you

  • Watch AP Daily: Practice Sessions, a video series focused on practicing FRQs (free-response questions) and MCQs (multiple-choice questions).
  • View upcoming assignments and track your progress in AP Classroom.
  • Connect with your peers and support each other along the way. You’re all in similar classes, so set up study groups, in-person or virtual, to study for your AP Exam.
  • If it’s your first time taking an AP Exam, learn what to expect so you’ll feel confident and prepared on test day.
  • Use these additional free resources to help you prepare.


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